Forgital Group announced the doubling of the Fly plants foreseen for 2017.
For this operation, the Group has allocated 27 million euro, with the participation of the Province of Trento, for the construction of a new plant adjacent to the existing one.
Fly since its beginnings in 2007 has already tripled its working spaces, going from 6,000 to 17,500 square meters. This agreement will provide a new extension for additional 6,600 square meters, to face the increase of production capacity required by important aerospace purchase orders, but also to be able to differentiate products and customers in the coming years.
The turnover is growing strongly, driven in particular by Rolls Royce contract for the Trent XWB engine components, as well as the employment, which will double the current 100 employees to 200 employees by 2020.
There are further positive innovations: in 2016, Fly will realize exclusively for the Ariane Space consortium the finishing of some of the most important parts of European launcher Ariane 5.
Forgital Group President Nadir Spezzapria said: “Six years ago, when we decided to accept this challenge together with the Province of Trento, in Grigno there was only a meadow. Today there is an industrial company that will close the 2016 with a turnover of about 100 million euro, after having obtained in 2015 just over 50 million, 25 million in 2014 and less than 8 million in 2013. A remarkable progression that is the result of the great work done over the years”.