Forgital Group is one of the main partners of the exhibition “Oltre il sogno – Dal volo allo spazio” (“Beyond the dream – from flight to space”), taking place in Schio (Vicenza, Italy).

The exhibition is an emotional and interactive path among display panels and scale models that allow the public to experience the flight dream, from its beginnings to latest and advanced aerospace technology. Moreover, it is the scene for a wide range of activities (such as conferences, workshops, meetings and connection to some telescopes).

The project is the result of the strong connection between Pleiadi Group, Schio Science and Technology District, Vicenza branch of the Italian Industrial Federation and Schio municipality, in cooperation with aviation and scientific museums national network and companies working in the aerospace business like Forgital Group is.

The location of the event is Lanificio Conte_Shed (Via Pasubio 99, Schio, Vicenza, Italy), from 18 December 2015 to 30 March 2016.