Forgital Group President is pleased to report the achievement of Forgital Italy certification according to International Standard ISO 50001 Energy Management System.

ISO 50001 provides additional instruments to identify fields of energetic improvement, definition of actions designed to optimization, realization and supervision of the same within a structured system where responsibilities and business authorities are identified in energy field.

This achievement represents the successful completion of a series of activities aimed at energy saving, shored up by significant plant investments and which have already led up our company to improve actively the energy performances with remarkable enhancements on the business trend.

The ISO 50001 certification is an important result for the company, that will be converted in competitive benefit, both for the improvement of the energetic performances, with developments on productive processes, and for the visibility on our customers, for which energy management theme represents a plus.

Today, Italian certified companies are very few, if compared to the rest of Europe, and it’s important to highlight that Forgital Italy represents in this sense a positive innovation for our industry.