Forgital Dembiermont

Company profile

Founded in 1881, Forgital Dembiermont is one of the world’s leading specialists in the manufacture of seamless rolled rings.

Forgital Dembiermont roll rings for a variety of industrial applications – from Aerospace to Nuclear, from Marine/Offshore to the Cement industry.

Given the wide variety of transformed materials, Forgital Dembiermont produces a very wide range of rolled rings of weights between 10 kg and 40 tons, with diameters from 800 to 8300 mm.

Forgital Dembiermont is specialized in space application and aluminum forging


Heat Treatment


Aluminium / Carbon
Stainless steel Ni-BASE (NO Waspalloy)
Titanium (limitation on furnaces)

Diameter - Weight

800-8300 mm
45 ton