Products for Oil and Gas sector
The Forgital Group started its experience in hot rolling profile with the oilfield sector. Particular attention has been dedicated to this field, with strong investments, great competitive advantages and qualitative improvements.
The exasperated conditions of use increased the technical specialization that The Forgital Group can offer to its clientele.

For Deep Water we supply components for drilling offshore wells, for submarine well-heads and for conveying petroleum
products to the surface:
– connectors
– riser flanges
– submarine well-heads

In the Surface sector, the Forgital Group holds the historical record for the first company in the world to develop mass production of rolled balls for ball valves, to the detriment of castings.
For Surface applications it supplies ball valves components for gas and oil pipelines and other equipments, such as, for example:
– bodies
– closures
– balls
– oil tools
– flanges
– j-lay collars
– risers flange joints
– connectors pin & box

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