FLY project has been designed since the beginning to be a top level machining site.
FLY integrates coordinate measuring as an additional service pre and post-machining and, when necessary, can offer feedbacks to the forging engineering.
FLY will provide products and services to OEMs (ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS) for complete, finished assembling parts, as well as to Subcontractors.

President Aldo Carrabino

Plant Manager Paolo Tallarico

Chief Commercial Officer Dario Dalla Costa

Financial Manager Rosanna Sartori

Board member Cosimo Marino

Board member Dario Dalla Costa

For the complete list of Fly’s accreditations and approvals, please click here.


Zona Industriale, 19
38055 Grigno (TN), Italy
Tel +39 0461 776 037
Fax +39 0461 775 720

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