Forgital Dembiermont

Founded in 1881, Forgital Dembiermont is one of the world’s leading specialists in the manufacture of seamless rolled rings.

Equipped with three rolling mills, one of which is Europe’s most powerful, Dembiermont works with all types of material grades: from ordinary carbon steels to alloys to meet critical engineering requirements such as Duplex and Super Duplex, as well as aluminum, copper and bronze.

Forgital Dembiermont roll rings for a variety of industrial applications – from Aerospace to Nuclear, from Marine/Offshore to the Cement industry.

Given the wide variety of transformed materials, Forgital Dembiermont produces a very wide range of rolled rings of weights between 10 kg and 40 tons, with diameters from 300 to 8000 mm.


President Christian Haour

Technical Director Philippe Drzewicki

Sales Director Franck Dupont


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Publication Index Egalité Professionnelle 2022

Index Egalité Professionelle Dembiermont 2023

4, Rue Jules Campagne
BP 10089 Hautmont
59618 Maubeuge Cedex, France
Tel +33 (0) 327 697 373
Fax +33 (0) 327 697 385

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