Forgital FMDL

Amongst the most important european manufacturing unit specialized in small and medium-sized rolled rings up to a maximum of 14 tons of weight, can also offer a unique experience and know how in open-die forging.

To satisfy the demands of its clients, Forgital FDML observes the following 4 rules:

Availability Forgital controls a strategically relevant supply of 3000 tons of material for a range of 150 gradations.

Responsiveness All people engaged in a customer satisfaction process are made aware of their responsibilities. This process will ensure Forgital FMDL’s clients prompt responses.

Flexibility Free forging, forging, ironing, circular rolling: Forgital FMDL offers great flexibility, regardless of sizes, forms, types, quantity and gradation of the product requested.

Qualifications Selection and testing carried out at the beginning of a process, traceability, quality procedures, destructive and non-destructive testing: we have authorizations and certifications in most binding industries such as the aeronautics, the nuclear and the energy divisions.

President and Managing Director Christian Haour

Sales Director Didier Geneau

Technical Director Federico Malagoli


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System certifications

Publication Index Egalité Professionnelle 2023

Index Egalité Professionelle FMDL 2023


48, Boulevard d’Auvergne
42500 Le Chambon-Feugerolles
Tel +33 (0) 477 405 370
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