Forgital Italy

Forgital Italy was founded in 1873 by the Spezzapria family. Starting from September 2019, after 5 generations of family business, Forgital is part of the Carlyle Group.

Innovation has always been the distinctive attitude of Forgital Italy: investments in research, modern productive installations, sophisticated monitoring systems and special attention for people and environment are the heart of our work.

The constant exchange with our customers all over the world drives us to find the best solutions of products and services.

With a tradition of more than one hundred years in the production of hot-rolling rings made of steel and other alloys, the factory has three hot-working lines, a complete range of over 20 furnaces for heat treatments and an extended machining capacity.


CEO Meddah Hadjar

CFO Aldo Carrabino

CCO Dario Dalla Costa

COO Cosimo Marino

CHRO Salvatore Catania

IT Director Martino Leon

Quality System Director Fabio Sturzen


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Via G. Spezzapria, 1
36010 Velo d’Astico
località Seghe (VI), Italy
Tel +39 0445 731 313
Fax +39 0445 731 490

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