We are proud to share our Sustainability Report.

In this report, we proudly celebrate the 150th anniversary of Forgital’s founding in 1873, reflecting on our remarkable journey of growth, innovation, and resilience.
Our success has been driven by unwavering commitment to excellence and a determination to embrace change.

To align our business model with a sustainable future, we have developed the ‘Forging Forward’ sustainability strategy, inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Union’s commitment to a Green Deal. This strategy focuses on four critical areas:

  1. Environmental: Our commitment to minimizing our carbon impact drives our pursuit of energy efficiency, decarbonization, and transparency.
  2. Social: We are dedicated to creating safe, inclusive, and attractive workplaces.
  3. Governance: Safeguarding ethics and integrity is paramount for us, to build trust throughout our value chain, ensuring a strong and sustainable business foundation.
  4. Innovation: Our culture of continuous improvement and our investments in research and development, has set us apart in the market.


View our 2022 Sustainability Report

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